Passionate pilot

Apart from professional tandem paragliding, flying has dominated Sepp’s life for over 15 years. Whether trying new cross-country flight records in Brazil or in the Alps, learning new aerobatic maneuvers (acrobatics), or climbing and then flying from the highest peaks in the Alps – Sepp is constantly training his technique and skills.

Sepp is your certified pilot

Sepp flies safely with you from the Schmittenhoehe into the valley! As a professional and state-certified tandem pilot, the safety of his passengers is the top priority for Sepp! Do you fancy paragliding? Contact us now!

You don´t need any experience!

Sepp´s special paragliding moments

  • Long distance flights in our Alps (FAI triangles):
  1. Stoderzinken with 285 km – personal record
  2. Zillertal with 276 km
  3. Antholz with 246 km
  • Crossing the Alps with a paraglider
  • Very long cross-country flights in Brazil (personal record – 425 km)
  • Hike & Fly from the highest peaks in our Alps (Großglockner, Gr.Wiesbachhorn, Hocheiser, Großvenediger and many more)
  • Acrobatic flights and constant training of new flight maneuvers (Misty, McTwist, Helico, Infinity Tumbling)
  • Parachute jumps and motor glider trips

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